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Yes, I know it’s officially spring and finally getting a little warmer, but I still live in the midwest. So, we are looking at the weather being in the 40’s or 50’s. This only means that I can stop wearing my heavy winter coat. I still wear my sweaters, jackets, and cardigans. However, this is not an issue for me, because I actually have quite the collection of knit sweaters and jackets that I love wearing. I do wear a handful of my favorite ones more than I wear the others. So, I am going to show you my top favorite knit sweaters. If you’re like me and it’s still cold where you live, and are trying to build your knit sweater collection – maybe you can get some inspiration from my small selection.



Cropped Pastel TurtleneckΒ 



Mauve Drawstring Sweater



White Cold Shoulder Sweater



Cropped Dusty Rose Sweater




Most of the sweaters that I own are from either Forever 21, or Shein. Those are the only retailers that I have been buying from recently. It’s mostly because of the affordable prices, but also because their outfits are always cute. I hope that this has given you inspiration on cute sweaters to try out!



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