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Top 2 Transitional Outfits for Spring 2019



Winter is almost over! That means a lot of us will get some warm weather soon. Unless, you’re a midwesterner like me and have to endure the bipolar weather changes throughout the season. A lot of us midwesterners have exhausted our sweater weather outfits and need something new to wear. Don’t worry, I have it all figured out, because I know the cold weather will last a little longer for us. Some days might be cold and others might be a little warmer. I have the perfect transitional spring outfits for those who want to be warm, but look fashionable…. I promise it is possible.





This might seem crazy, but it actually looks very cute. Wearing a sweater over a casual spring dress is an amazing transitional outfit. When you are cold you can keep the sweater on. When you get a little warmer you can easily take the sweater off and you’re good. I’ve seen a few of my friends wear this kind of outfit, and I think it is so adorable. I cannot wait to recreate this outfit this spring.


Spring dresses:


1. Marled Knit Mini T-Shirt Dress


2. Asymmetric Hem Casual Shift Dress



Similar sweaters:


3. Mixed Knit Asymmetrical Hem Jumper



4. Vented Hem Chunky Knit Crop Jumper






I am a huge fan of cardigans. I think owning a cardigan is important for anyone’s closet. It is the perfect piece of clothing for transitional outfits. You can wear either jeans, shorts, or a skirt with a tank top or shirt. Then, match those pieces with a cardigan if you are getting a little chilly.


Similar cardigans:


5. Lantern Sleeve Open Front Longline Cardigan



6. Drop Shoulder Cable Knit Cardigan

*All of these outfits can be found on Shein. Very affordable!

I hope this gave you a little bit of inspiration for what to wear for the upcoming bipolar spring weather. I know I will be wearing variations of these outfits, and I cannot wait to post them!




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  • Jessica

    I have a sweater just like the one in your first pic. I will have to try it with a dress once it gets warmer!! Thanks for sharing!

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