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6 Cute Vintage Angelic Tops to Die for


People ask me why I still have a Tumblr all the time. I still have a Tumblr, because I find so much fashion and style inspiration. I also find a lot of clothing that I like that other users post. I follow over 1,000 people on Tumblr with a similar aesthetic and style to mine. So, for me, it is extremely easy to find clothing that is appealing.

On Tumblr, I found a depop shop called Unravel! They are currently only on depop, but I recently saw on their IG that they will be moving onto their very own website. Even though, I only recently found them – I found myself obsessing over their cherub/angel print clothing. It is definitely on my wishlist of things to get in the future. So, here are their cute angelic tops that I thought were beautiful. They are definitely my favorite of all of their clothes for obvious reasons…




 1. Cherub Print Tee




2. Angel Tee




3. Cloud Crop





4. Vintage Mesh Bodysuit





5. Angel Halter





6. Little Cherub Cami



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